10 Years Younger: The Story of Bill Clinton's Heart

bill-clinton-chelsea-clinton-400x470.jpgA recent feature on ABC News highlights the incredible health gains made by former president Bill Clinton, and how he is fighting heart disease.

In an interview, Chelsea Clinton shares her father's motivations: "I think having a quadruple bypass surgery was sufficiently sobering. And I am profoundly grateful that he really radically changed his life." She adds that "his doctor told him that his heart today is much younger than it was even 10 years ago" and credits his mostly plant-based diet for his 30-pound weight loss and newfound health.

Chelsea also touts her father's advocacy efforts, encouraging men to go to the doctor and take charge of their health: "[H]e's so determined to be an advocate for other men and men in particular to go to the doctors, as he did when he started to not feel well. And then to make the necessary changes in their life so hopefully they can live a long time."

Just last year, the results of an eleven-year British study of 45,000 volunteers revealed that a vegetarian diet could cut one's risk of heart disease by as much as 32 percent. Another study found that even people who are genetically predisposed to heart disease showed no increased heart risk if they consumed large amounts of raw fruits and vegetables. People with less healthy diets were found to have twice the risk of heart attack.

With heart disease as the number one cause of death in the United States, claiming the life of nearly one out of every three Americans, there's never been a better time to ditch meat in favor of plant-based alternatives.

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