2014: The Year of the Vegan


Heralding the mainstreaming of veganism, "New York Magazine" recently released an article hinting at 2014 as the "Year of the Vegan" and spotlighting the growing number of celebrities who are making waves with their public support of plant-based, compassionate cuisine.

Titled "Veganism in Seven Decades," the article give us "a quick primer on veganism's outliers-to-Oprah path," and describes the progression of veganism from fringe to mainstream. The feature highlights several events that have presented veganism in a positive light, including Ellen's all-vegan wedding to Portia de Rossi, and Bill Clinton's transition to a plant-based diet.

People from all walks of life are waking up to the power of our food choices to improve our health, help spare animals unimaginable suffering, and generally change the world for the better.

Whether you're a high-powered celebrity with a personal chef, or a student living on a strict budget, it's never been easier to be a star for farmed animals. Visit ChooseVeg.ca for delicious recipes and tips on transitioning to a healthy and cruelty-free diet.