6 Things People Do Every Day That Break Animals’ Hearts

These simple things we do every day impact the lives of billions of animals.

1. Adding dairy creamer to your morning coffee.

A big misconception about dairy production is that no animals are killed, but cows on dairy farms who would typically live for 20 years are considered spent and sent to slaughter after only four years. By switching to nondairy milks and creamers you can spare cows a lifetime of misery. Click here for our ultimate guide to nondairy milk.

2. Getting grilled chicken on your salad.

You may think “it’s just chicken,” but did you know that chickens are the most abused land animals on the planet? Thankfully, with loads of great vegan chicken options on the market, choosing compassion has never been easier!

3. Having a burger at a barbecue on the weekend.

Are a few bites of a burger really worth the life of a gentle cow? Also, the environmental impacts of raising livestock are truly terrifying. In fact, the meat industry emits more greenhouse gases than all the transportation in the world combined. Try one of these delicious vegan burgers and help the planet!

4. Baking your favorite dessert with a recipe that calls for eggs.

The eggs you crack into your mixing bowl come from hens who live their entire lives inside dark, dirty sheds and are packed into tiny wire cages so small the birds can’t even spread their wings. You can enjoy your favorite baked goods without eggs by clicking here for egg replacements. Also, click here for 10 delicious egg recipes without the eggs.

5. Going out for a seafood dinner.

Did you know fish feel pain? Not only are fish sentient beings, but their meat is filled with toxins like PCBs and mercury, making your so-called lean meal actually very unhealthy. Researchers have found that mercury levels in tuna are 10 million times higher than in seawater. You can skip the fish and try one of these savory vegan seafood recipes!

6. Putting ham on your lunch sandwich.

It may be just a few slices of ham between two slices of bread, but that meat came from a once living, feeling, breathing animal. Pigs are considered the fifth-most intelligent animal in the world, but unfortunately these smart creatures are confined, mutilated, and abused on factory farms. You don’t have to contribute to this cruelty, however. By purchasing delicious vegan deli slices you spare pigs from horrible lives.

At every meal we make a decision: support industries that abuse and kill animals or choose compassion.

By choosing vegan options you are helping not only animals, but also the planet and your health.

For delicious recipes and tips on adopting a compassionate vegan diet, click here.