Selling Compassion: Broadcasting Veganism Into the Mainstream

Through cutting-edge advertisement campaigns on television, billboards, public transit, and the Internet, Mercy For Animals is working to open the hearts and minds of millions of consumers to the plight of farmed animals and the benefits of a vegetarian diet.

TV Ads: Taking It to the Airwaves

By placing ads on popular channels like MTV, Mercy For Animals is bringing the message of compassion into the living rooms of millions of teens and young adults across the country.

Watch MFA's latest pro-vegetarian TV ads:

The provocative commercials have moved many viewers to change their perspective:

"The commercial I viewed made a great impact on my fiance and I. That instant we decided to become vegetarians. I cannot say how much impact your commercial has given us."
"Shocking, yet informative commercial ... It's just so sad and horrifying! Today was grocery shopping day and I was extra careful today because this was fresh in my mind."
"I saw your commercial on MTV, such a shocking 30 seconds … Did the trick."

Public Transit Ads: Communicating Compassion to Commuters

Mercy For Animals runs advertising campaigns on bustling bus and subway systems in cities from coast to coast. MFA's recent transit ad campaigns include:

  • Chicago 2011: Over 250 ads, strategically placed on train platforms, on the outside of buses, and in the interiors of buses and trains as well, asked Chicagoans to consider the plight of farmed animals when sitting down to eat.

  • New Jersey 2010: Dozens of Mercy For Animals advertisements urged commuters on the New Jersey Transit rail system to ditch meat in place of a compassionate, vegetarian diet.

  • Boston 2010: Interior and exterior ads posted on dozens of buses in Boston put riders face-to-face with animals labeled "friends" and those marked "food," posing the question, "Why love one but eat the other?"


The response to our thought-provoking campaigns has been heartening. Here is one such reaction:

"During one morning commute, I was captivated by a poster on the train with a photo of a caged pig and a question 'How much cruelty can you swallow?' It included a sentence about farm animals' mutilations, confinement and violent deaths. It was a true "Aha" moment – it suddenly hit me that by eating meat, I was contributing to animal cruelty. As a life-time animal lover, I couldn't stand it – I swore off meat that day, and soon became a vegan and an animal rights activist."

Billboards: Driving Home Vegetarianism

Featuring the same hard-hitting messages as the bus and rail campaigns, MFA billboards are driving home the message of veganism to millions of commuters.

  • North Carolina 2011: Just in time for Thanksgiving, Mercy For Animals rolled out a provocative pro-vegetarian billboard, featuring an emboldened turkey who declares, "I Beg Your Pardon – Spare a Turkey," to greet thousands of North Carolina riders heading from Raleigh toward Butterball Headquarters in Garner, NC.

  • Michigan 2011: Drivers are urged to widen their circle of compassion to include all animals by choosing vegetarianism.


Internet Ads: Using a Mouse to Help Farmed Animals

During a time when the web is quickly reshaping the way the world communicates and receives information, internet-based advertising is becoming more relevant and effective than ever before.

Most of MFA's internet ads direct people to web pages on and, which automatically start playing undercover video footage from factory farms and slaughterhouses.

Below is an example of one such video:

We've had an incredible number of people tell us that they've become vegetarian as a result of watching the online videos after clicking on the internet ads. Here are a few such comments:

"I came across your website by complete accident – clicked on an advertisement by mistake and was drawn in by the video. Thank you for doing what you do. You just made a long-time meat lover never eat a bite of meat again. You're doing these poor animals the justice and proper care they deserve."
"I found your organization on Facebook ad and I just clicked it for fun. But now I've seen the video that shows how cruel the meat industry is, I want to be a vegetarian. I REALLY Thank you for the information and I wish that all the animals in the world treated well."
"I was looking for a recipe to make turkey for Easter dinner, so I clicked on the link that said "if you eat turkey..." I was horrified by what I saw...I just can't eat meat anymore."

Why Advertising Campaigns?

  • A picture is worth a thousand words. (And video is probably worth a million!) Once people see the reality farmed animals face, it is no longer something they can ignore.
  • Reaching the Reachable. By airing spots on youth-focused television stations such as MTV, or advertising on social networking websites and blogs, we are able to inspire and empower future generations.
  • Cost Efficiency. Our advertising campaigns reach vast audiences, with most campaigns costing just pennies per viewer, making our campaigns among the most efficient and effective outreach tools available.
  • They Work. We have had literally thousands of people tell us that they have been affected by our advertising campaigns.

Take Action!

  • Sponsor an ad. Your contribution goes a long way: a single TV commercial or bus poster can reach thousands of viewers for under $100. Click here to make a tax deductible donation today.
  • Bring an ad campaign to your community. You can bring MFA's pro-vegetarian campaigns to your community by sponsoring a local billboard, bus campaign, or TV ad. For information on getting started, contact MFA's Director of Communications, Ari Solomon, at
  • Post an online ad. Attention bloggers, website administrators, Facebook users, and tweeters: turn your readers, fans, family, and friends on to vegetarianism by sharing a free online banner ad.


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