Ag-Gag Bills Backfire, Result in Increased Media Exposure of Factory Farm Cruelty

inv3.jpgIn response to a spate of undercover investigations that have uncovered horrific animal abuse and shocking food safety problems in meat, dairy, and egg production, the factory farming industry has been furiously lobbying to pass "ag-gag" laws designed to keep its cruel and unsanitary practices hidden from public view. But that effort seems to be backfiring, as scores of media outlets nationwide are throwing back the curtain on Big Ag and shining a bright light on the industry's sickening practices.

In Wyoming, Kerry Drake with the Casper Star Tribune writes: "When it comes to protecting animals from abuse, I've seen lawmakers in this state do some incredibly stupid things." Drake decries the state's ag-gag bill as "shameful," and a "new low" for Wyoming. "Criminalizing undercover investigations at such farm operations would effectively tell the owners that they can do anything they want to their livestock."

Steven Maviglio from the California Majority Report says: "Even in states dominated by agriculture, the bills have had trouble; even conservatives are wary of the threat to free speech."

And the Indianapolis Star editorialized: "Secret cameras have exposed numerous instances of unhealthful, inhumane and illegal conditions on farms and in other businesses over the years, often leading to highly beneficial corrective action. ... When government fails to fulfill its watchdog duty, citizens, especially but not exclusively in the news media, must take on that role."

From the Associated Press and ABC National News to the Salem Leader and the International Business Times, the news media has been spotlighting the unconstitutional and un-American efforts of the factory farming industry to undermine free speech and freedom of the press in order to hide its indefensible and often illegal acts from the public.

Here is just a sample of the ag-gag news coverage in only the last few weeks:

Associated Press: Bills Seek End To Farm Animal Abuse Videos

Mother Jones: Flies, Maggots, Rats, and Lots of Poop: What Big Ag Doesn't Want You To See

Nightline: 'Ag Gag' Bills Target Hidden Cameras

Raw Story: Business Lobby Moves to Criminalize Filming Animal Abuse on Factory Farms

Bakersfield Californian: Cattle Industry Must Rethink 'Ag-Gag' Bill

Food Safety News: "Ag-Gag" Bills Getting Hearings Today in Nebraska, Arkansas and Tennessee

Salon: States Seek "Ag-Gag" Laws to Silence Farm Whistleblowers

Vice: Beat Your Meat: Factory Farmers Want to Choke Their Chickens in Private

Huffington Post: Why Everyone Should Be Angry About Factory Farming

Lowell Sun: Agri-farm Bills Would Weaken Oversight

The Daily Aztec: Only We Can Stop Inhumane Factory Farming

Herald Times: Bill would shield farms, factories from cameras

Public Source: Bill would limit whistleblower activities on PA farms

Ironically, as the factory farming industry more desperately tries to hide its cruel practices, the more they are exposed.

What You Can Do to Help:

Expose Factory Farm Cruelty - Please share this video with as many people as you can and help expose the cruel and corrupt practices of factory farming industries.

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