Animal Expert Talks Turkey

TurkeyCloseupMagentaFlowers.jpgWhile millions of Americans get ready for Thanksgiving dinners with loved ones, a leading animal behaviorist asks: "Why give thanks by slaughtering sentient beings?"

This distinguished individual is none other than Dr. Marc Bekoff, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado and author of The Emotional Lives of Animals. His compelling commentary appears on the website of bi-monthly magazine Psychology Today and is aptly named "The Thanksgiving Day Massacre: A House of Horrors."

Drawing upon scientific evidence demonstrating that turkeys feel fear and other emotions much like mammals do, Dr. Bekoff makes a strong case for leaving these intelligent animals off our plates. He vividly describes the ammonia-laden sheds of factory farms - where turkeys' toes and tips of their beaks are sliced off with hot blades while the birds are fully conscious.

"Holidays should be times for deep reflection," Dr. Bekoff observes. "By not turning a blind eye to the incredible suffering that turkeys experience and choosing to forgo eating them, you can add more compassion to the world." We couldn't agree more. Please click here to find recipes and tips on creating a delicious, cruelty-free Thanksgiving feast.