Antibiotics Fed to Chickens While Still in the Egg

InjectingEgg.jpgA recent article published by "Mother Jones" highlights a "Consumer Reports" study on antibiotic-resistant bacteria in supermarket chicken, and how hatcheries have found a way to give antibiotics to organic chickens too--while they're still in the egg.

According to the article, this loophole allows hatcheries to administer gentamicin, which "is used in people to treat a variety of serious bacterial infections." The article further explains that "(organic) standards kick in on 'the second day of life' for chicks destined for organic poultry farms."

Just last year, David A. Kessler, former commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, took to the pages of "The New York Times" to air his grave concern over the lack of transparency in antibiotic usage on industrial animal farms.

Many diseases that affect us can also be carried by animals, including tuberculosis, swine flu, and bird flu. Yet farmers continue to subject sick animals to extreme confinement while injecting them with antibiotics, creating a breeding ground for antibiotic-resistant pathogens and placing us all at serious risk.

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