Archbishop Desmond Tutu Speaks Out for Animals

tutu-headshot.jpgNobel Prize-winning Archbishop Desmond Tutu is speaking out about injustice to animals and our duty to fight it. In his first major statement on animal welfare, Tutu declared:

I have seen firsthand how injustice gets overlooked when the victims are powerless or vulnerable, when they have no one to speak up for them and no means of representing themselves to a higher authority. Animals are in precisely that position. Unless we are mindful of their interests and speak out loudly on their behalf, abuse and cruelty go unchallenged.

Featured in the "Global Guide to Animal Protection," Tutu also expressed concern over the definition of "dominion," stating that it should not be an exercise of cruel and abusive power.

Tutu, also known for his anti-apartheid work and support of the LGBT community, isn't the only religious figure to connect the dots between oppressed minorities and animals. From Buddha to Gandhi, religious leaders have urged compassion toward animals and many have embraced vegetarianism.

With over 8 billion animals forced to endure lives of misery on today's factory farms, the best way to help alleviate animal cruelty is simply to not eat them. Visit today and get free recipes and tips for adopting a humane vegan diet.