Award-Winning Washington Post Food Editor Goes Vegetarian

5733779942_b30a6ed8e4.jpgA fantastic new piece by Voice of America not only details the per capita decline in meat consumption--a six percent drop between 2006 and 2010, the largest since recordkeeping began in 1970--it profiles Joe Yonan, the award-winning food editor of the Washington Post, who recently became vegetarian.

Yonan remarks, "I think meat can be beautiful. I think meat can be delicious. I just don't want to eat it." While many of us would disagree that meat is beautiful and/or delicious, this is a significant statement coming from one of the most influential food journalists in the country. Yonan cited health concerns and overexposure to meat as his reasons for going veg.

But Yonan is not alone. "I get a lot of emails from people saying, 'I'm not vegetarian, but I'm trying to do more of that at home,'" he says. Indeed, many people have recently begun to explore vegetarianism. And although the number of vegetarians seems to be growing, it's the flexitarians--people who eat occasional meatless meals--that some think are making the biggest dent in US meat consumption.

Whether people are choosing to reduce their meat intake or cut out meat completely, the result is fewer animals abused on factory farms. To learn more about transitioning to a delicious and healthy, vegetarian diet, visit To find restaurants in your area that offer amazing plant-based options, check out