Bill Clinton Praises Plant-Based Eating on Ellen

bill-clinton-ellen-degeneres-warner-brothers.jpgTwo of the most famous and influential people in the world are also two of the most prominent vegans, and one, former president Bill Clinton, was a guest this week on the TV show of the other, Ellen DeGeneres. The former president said of veganism, "It's just a good thing to do. It'll be healthier for you, and it'll put less stress on your cardiovascular system." He shared that he feels much healthier and that "this is the third week in a row where I will weigh less than I did the day I finished high school."

President Clinton, long known for his love for fast food, has made headlines by speaking openly to major media from CNN to David Letterman about the benefits he has experienced upon adopting a plant-based diet, which has also led to many other news stories educating people about vegan eating.

On the Ellen show, President Clinton also talked about the humanitarian efforts of his Clinton Foundation, from providing lifesaving medications to children with AIDS, to helping farmers in developing nations, to fighting childhood obesity. While President Clinton went vegan for health reasons due to the heart problems he developed from years of eating a standard American diet, he can also include using his position to promote his own plant-based diet among his good deeds in the world, given the benefits of veganism to human health, animals, and the planet.

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