Billionaires Get Behind Vegan Startup

BeyondEggs-logo-300x300.jpgIt's not every day that you see a vegan startup on the front page of "Forbes" magazine's website. But Hampton Creek Foods, the company behind Beyond Eggs and Just Mayo, is captivating billionaires nationwide.

Garnering investments from the likes of Bill Gates and environmentally friendly billionaire Tom Steyer, Hampton Creek has already raised 6 million in capital that's bound to change the future of food. Newly vegan Al Gore has also expressed interest in the company.

Just Mayo, the company's mayonnaise alternative, hit the shelves of Whole Foods just recently, and an eggless cookie dough is following in February. Still in the works is a product that mimics scrambled eggs.

Hampton Creek is also exploring a joint venture with General Mills that could see brands like Betty Crocker and Pillsbury replacing eggs in their products for a Hampton's plant-based alternative. This is very good news for chickens who suffer miserably on egg farms. MFA's undercover investigations have revealed shocking cruelty to animals, including egg-laying hens languishing in battery cages and having their beaks burned off without painkillers.


While the growth of companies like Hampton Creek is exciting, you need not wait a single moment before choosing to boycott the cruel egg industry. From tofu scrambles and eggless egg salad to baking without eggs, leaving eggs off your plate is simple. Visit for more information.