Derek Coons
Director of Information Technology

Derek Coons serves as director of information technology for Mercy For Animals and is a longtime board member, overseeing the direction, focus, effectiveness, and efficiency of the organization.

A graduate of Miami University with a degree in computer science and systems analysis, Derek actively combines his passions for animals and technology.

Derek’s journey into animal activism began as a teenager while working in the kitchen of a local Red Lobster restaurant. After witnessing lobsters steamed alive and stabbed with knives, Derek pledged never to eat lobster again. Derek quickly began to question the manner in which pigs, chickens, and cows were treated during meat production. Such reflection soon led Derek toward vegetarianism, having acknowledged that he could not ethically justify causing animals to suffer and die simply for a palate preference.

In 2007, Derek was the first individual honored by MFA with the Hope Award for his passionate dedication to defending farmed animals and promoting cruelty-free food choices.

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