Nora Kramer
Media Campaigns Coordinator

Nora Kramer serves as media campaigns coordinator for Mercy For Animals, carrying out mass media vegan advocacy efforts including placing stories in the media, placing public service announcements in media and advertising outlets, placing op-eds and letters to the editor in major publications, and creating viral video content for mass distribution on YouTube and other platforms. She also oversees MFA's Youth Advisory Board.

Nora became vegan almost overnight in 1998 upon seeing the documentary Diet for a New America, despite having never heard of soymilk or tasted a veggie burger. She was so shocked to learn about the mistreatment of animals on farms and the environmental impact of livestock production that she soon felt compelled to do more than just change her own diet. Nora got active passing out leaflets, writing letters, organizing events, teaching humane education, and working with many different grassroots and national organizations on behalf of farmed animals. She also played instrumental roles in ballot campaigns in California and Ohio, which resulted in statewide bans on some of the most inhumane confinement systems suffered by tens of millions of farmed animals.

Before transitioning to her current role with MFA, Nora—a native New Yorker and longtime San Franciscan—worked as MFA’s Texas campaign coordinator, during which time she was named a local “mover and shaker” by While in Texas, Nora enlightened hundreds of thousands of people in “Cattle Country” to the benefits of veg eating through leafleting, tabling, teaching humane education at area high schools and colleges, organizing Paid-Per-View events, working with local restaurants to expand their vegan offerings, and inspiring countless advocates to get active for animals in Texas.

Nora loves working with students to help them activate for social change. In 2009, Nora combined her passions for activism, education, and working with teens by founding Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp, a youth activism camp that serves all-vegan food. After attending YEA Camp, campers have started school social advocacy clubs, expanded the veg options in their school cafeterias, coordinated beach clean-ups and leafleting events, organized fundraisers, and implemented recycling and anti-bullying programs in their schools, among many other inspiring accomplishments.

Nora has worked with youth in many capacities, and after earning her teaching credential, taught ninth- and tenth-grade English, as well as environmental education for several after-school programs. She has delivered dozens of in-class presentations, advised environmental clubs, and worked or volunteered for many youth leadership programs. Nora is passionate about and has advocated for a variety of social justice causes but focuses on promoting plant-based eating because of the huge impact of our food choices and the ease with which each of us can make a difference at every meal.

Nora’s favorite foods growing up were cheese, pizza, and ice cream, but thanks to Daiya vegan cheese (great for pizza, grilled cheese, and lasagna), Tofutti cream cheese (on bagels), So Delicious vegan ice cream (Peanut Butter Zigzag is unbeatable), and nutritional yeast (which tastes good on just about anything), she enjoys eating cruelty-free versions of the foods she loves. Nora loves Daiya vegan cheese so much that she named her rescued pit bull mix after it.

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