Alan Darer
Education Project Coordinator

Alan Darer serves as education project coordinator for Mercy For Animals, overseeing and executing the organization’s pro-veg online advertising campaigns, managing the MFA Fellowship program at elite universities, and coordinating MFA’s advocacy in international markets. A graduate of Vassar College, Alan studied biochemistry and math.

Raised as a vegetarian in upstate New York, Alan has always recognized that there is no meaningful difference between farmed animals and the companion animals we welcome into our homes and consider part of our families.

As a freshman in college, Alan attended a screening of MFA's documentary Fowl Play, which opened his eyes to cruel egg industry practices, such as debeaking and suffocation or maceration of male chicks at birth. Inspired to take immediate action, he became vegan and spent his winter break interning with MFA where he learned how to effectively advocate for animals.

Prior to serving as education project coordinator, Alan had been involved with MFA in a variety of capacities, beginning in Dallas in 2012 as the Texas campaign coordinator, and continuing throughout the Northeast where he gave media interviews, tabled to promote Meatless Mondays, hosted well-known speakers, and testified against ag-gag bills and confinement systems.

Alan is an advocate for all social justice causes, believing that oppression of any form has no place in society. Ever since learning about the cruel practices that farmed animals are subjected to, he’s wanted to dedicate his life to reducing the suffering of others. Alan is now thrilled to work every day on behalf of farmed animals.

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