Breaking News: Convicted Felon and Illegal Slaughter Operator Arrested Again

Roberto Celedon, a man who was convicted of felony cruelty to animals while operating an illegal slaughterhouse, is in jail again facing similar charges. Acting on a tip, deputies with the Santa Clarita Valley sheriff's station and officers with the department of animal care and control arrested Celedon over Labor Day weekend on suspicion of felony cruelty to animals and a probation violation. A slaughtered animal was allegedly found at his home.

Last year, after Mercy For Animals obtained shocking hidden-camera video footage of his illegal slaughter operation in Los Angeles County, Roberto Celedon pled guilty to felony cruelty to animals and was sentenced to 90 days in jail and five years probation. Celedon was also ordered to pay over $24,000 in fines, penalties, and restitution, and to complete 48 animal cruelty classes. The court further barred him from owning, possessing, maintaining or harboring any animals, operating a meat-producing facility, attending auctions where animals are sold, and selling any meat products.

Watch the undercover video footage that led to the arrest here:


During a raid of Celedon's illegal slaughter facility in 2012, Los Angeles County animal control officers seized dozens of sick, injured, and emaciated animals. Many of the larger animals have been rehabilitated and are currently being cared for at The Gentle Barn, a sanctuary for farmed animals in California. The smaller animals were turned over to the Castaic Animal Shelter.

The horrifying footage of Celedon's unlawful operations represents the staggering cruelty that farmed animals routinely suffer in California and across the country. MFA praises law enforcement for it continued diligence in putting a stop to Celedon's repeated acts of criminal cruelty to animals.

While MFA works to expose and end cruelty to animals at the hands of the meat, egg and dairy industries, compassionate individuals can do their part by adopting a healthy and humane vegetarian diet.