Breaking News: Federal Agents Raid Sparboe Egg Factory Farm

ice.jpgAccording to the Associated Press, dozens of federal homeland security agents raided Sparboe Farms in Litchfield, Minnesota, on Tuesday as part of a "larger criminal investigation" and ten people were detained, possibly as undocumented workers. Sparboe Farms is the fifth-largest egg producer in the country. Authorities have not yet released the nature of the investigation.

This is not the first time Sparboe Farms has been in trouble. In 2010, the company was accused of involvement in a major price fixing scheme uncovered during a class-action lawsuit against United Egg Producers.

In 2011, Sparboe Farms was the subject of an MFA undercover investigation that exposed workers burning off the beaks of young birds, throwing live chicks into plastic bags to be suffocated, and grabbing hens by their throats and ramming them into tiny, filthy battery cages so small they were unable to fully stretch their wings or engage in most other natural behaviors.

Watch the undercover video here:


Following the investigation, which was featured on ABC's Good Morning America, World News Tonight, and 20/20, McDonald's, Target, Sam's Club, and other major retailers dropped Sparboe Farms as an egg supplier. Soon after, MFA filed an official complaint with the Federal Trade Commission against the company for lying to its customers about the way egg-laying hens and baby chicks are treated at its facilities.

This raid proves once again that "Big Ag" is incapable of self-regulation. Sparboe continues to put profit over principle, engaging in a pattern of behavior that shows contempt for animal welfare, consumer safety, and federal law. It is no surprise that this egg factory farm, which was caught red-handed torturing chickens and then lying to its customers about it, would find itself in trouble again. Enough is enough. It's time for this cruel and unethical factory farm to be shut down for good.

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