Breaking News: Hidden Camera Video Shows Animals Torn Apart and Boiled Alive

A shocking undercover investigation by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals shows workers at a major seafood company in Maine ripping apart live lobsters and crabs before dumping them into boiling water. Many animals, still writhing in pain after having their claws and shells ripped off, are left to suffer and slowly die in plastic bins.

According to CBS News, PETA filed a criminal complaint on Tuesday with the local police and district attorney on Tuesday. In Maine, it is illegal to intentionally kill animals, including lobsters and crabs, by any means that does not cause instantaneous death. At several points during the horrific video, workers explain that the animals are very much alive, moving, and able to feel pain long after they are dismembered.

Watch the disturbing video footage here:


In 2010, Mercy For Animals conducted the first undercover investigation inside a fish slaughter facility. During this investigation, workers were caught on hidden camera using pliers to pull the skin off of live fish and cutting fully conscious fish in half. Unfortunately, law enforcement failed to prosecute this case, even though skinning animals alive is illegal in Texas.

While it is obvious that we need to strengthen laws to protect all animals, including crabs, lobsters and fish, we don't have to wait another minute to help stop the needless suffering of these sensitive beings. Transitioning to a plant-based diet is the best way to ensure that all animals are spared unnecessary cruelty and suffering. For delicious vegan recipes, visit