Burger King Makes Cage-Free Vow to Benefit Pigs and Chickens

chicken1.jpgBurger King, the world's second-largest burger chain, announced its plans to switch to 100% cage-free eggs and stop purchases of gestation-crated pork by 2017.

Burger King joins the growing number of food providers who have also made progress in phasing out certain cruel confinement systems, including McDonald's, Wolfgang Puck, and Chipotle.

On modern day factory farms, battery-caged hens are crammed tightly inside tiny barren cages, where they're unable to spread their wings or see natural sunlight. Gestation-crated pigs are forced to spend their entire lives locked in cruel confinement systems, never allowed to breathe fresh air or engage in any natural behaviors.

While Mercy For Animals applauds Burger King for taking this very important step to lessen the suffering of farmed animals, the best thing consumers can do to prevent unnecessary suffering is to adopt a kind and compassionate vegan lifestyle. For delicious recipes and instructional cooking videos, visit ChooseVeg.com.