Campaign Spotlight: Vegetarian Dining

Mercy For Animals' Vegetarian Dining Campaign aims to make going and staying veg easy, convenient and delicious! By working with restaurateurs to expand their cruelty-free options and creating online and print resources that map out vegetarian-friendly establishments by region, MFA is transforming the way Americans eat.

A joint project between MFA and Compassionate Action for Animals, is a powerful online resource filled with over 11,000 listings and reviews of veg-friendly restaurants from around the globe. This regionally organized, user-operated site allows savvy diners to tip-off others in their community about new and exciting veg-dining options around town.

In addition to promoting restaurants that already cater to vegans, Mercy For Animals works with food providers to expand their cruelty-free fare. Our Vegetarian Resource Guide for Restaurants is a valuable tool for restaurateurs seeking to increase their plant-based offerings. MFA has been exceedingly successful in increasing the number of mainstream eateries catering to the vegan community.

Through the efforts of Matt Rice, Mercy For Animals' New York Campaign Coordinator, pizza lovers in Manhattan can now enjoy an uber-cheesy vegan pie from Saluggi's in Tribeca. The pizzeria agreed to test-run Daiya Cheese in April and the overwhelming number of vegan cheese orders has kept Daiya a staple at this longtime New York City haunt.

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Down in Texas, vegans are going crazy for Sol's Nieto Mexican Grill in Dallas, where an order of vegan nachos means a healthy portion of house-cut tortilla chips loaded with pinto beans, grilled veggies and Daiya Cheddar. All vegetarian dishes can be made vegan by subbing Daiya for dairy, opening-up a whopping variety of veggie options now suitable for vegans. "This is a big win," says Eddie Garza, MFA's Texas Campaign Coordinator, "Sol's has been a veggie fave in Dallas for years--the addition of Daiya to their menu could be a gateway for vegetarians to finally take the plunge into a completely cruelty-free diet." We couldn't agree more.

Help bring more veg-friendly options to your own community by visiting Mercy For Animals' Vegetarian Dining Campaign online and sharing your successes on