Cargill to Label Products Containing Pink Slime

gro.jpgResponding to public outcry over last year's pink slime fiasco, Cargill Inc. announced that it would begin labeling beef products that contain the controversial filler.

Cargill says that beef products containing pink slime will be marked "Contains Finely Textured Beef" before next year's "grilling season."

Innocuous as that description may sound to some, "finely textured beef" is the same pink slime that's produced by separating bits of meat that are stuck on fatty trimmings, treating them for bacteria, and then mushing them together.

Though Cargill will be labeling its beef products, federal regulators have held that pink slime doesn't need to be indicated on products approved for human consumption. Translation: products that contain pink slime in restaurants and supermarkets will likely not say so.

From hormones and antibiotics to pink slime and meat glue, animal flesh sold for meat is riddled with all sorts of odious additives. This also comes at the cost of billions of animals who suffer needlessly on modern-day factory farms.

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