Celebrate World Farm Animals Day on October 2nd

Animal advocates across the globe will honor Mohandas Gandhi's birthday on October 2nd by celebrating World Farm Animals Day. In its twenty-eighth year, this occasion aims to expose the suffering of animals raised for meat, eggs and dairy products. Vigils, peaceful demonstrations and other creative outreach events are planned through early November. 

"Holding animal agribusiness accountable" is the current theme for World Farm Animals Day, and it speaks directly to Mercy For Animals' work. Our hard-hitting undercover investigations reveal both routine and sadistic acts of cruelty in factory farms and slaughterhouses. Most recently, our investigation into a Buckeye Veal farm in Ohio prompted Costco Wholesale to condemn the inhumane treatment of calves and amend its corporate purchasing policy. 

Wondering how to get involved? Going vegan is one of the easiest and most powerful choices we can make to hold animal agribusiness accountable for cruelty. World Farm Animals Day also presents a fantastic opportunity to promote compassionate food choices. Consider leafleting with MFA's literature, hosting a screening of an eye-opening film, joining our local events, or simply sharing a delicious vegan meal with a friend. Thank you for being a voice for farmed animals!