Chipotle's Bold New Anti-Factory Farming Video Goes Viral

A new Chipotle commercial has been grabbing headlines worldwide for its powerful portrayal of the dark world of factory farming. The provocative ad, which has gone viral, further positions Chipotle as a chain committed to improving animal welfare and protecting the environment. The three-minute, animated online video called "The Scarecrow"--viewed by six million people in its first week--is a follow up to Chipotle's earlier, groundbreaking "Back to the Start" and takes shots at its competitors' "All Natural" and "Farm Fresh" advertising claims.

Some are even wondering whether Chipotle is actually promoting vegetarianism in the ad, which depicts the protagonist scarecrow leaving his work at a terrible factory farm to start a farm stand at which he appears to use only vegetables to make the burritos he sells. What do you think?


Chipotle has been a leader in opposing some of the worst standard factory farming abuses, including extreme confinement and the use of antibiotics and growth hormones.

"Scarecrow" comes on the heels of other pro-veg moves by Chipotle: the West Coast launch of its delicious, tofu-based Sofritas burrito and the elimination of bacon from its pinto beans recipe.

Ultimately, the best thing any compassionate person can do to help animals is simply not eat them. Visit and order your free "Vegetarian Starter Guide," the perfect lunchtime reading material to accompany your Sofritas.