Clever Animation Tackles "Ag-Gag" Bills

bigaggag.jpgAs corporate agriculture interests push for legislation to criminalize whistleblowers and keep farmed animal suffering hidden behind closed doors, Mother Jones illustrator Zina Saunders has created a thought-provoking animation exposing Big Ag's motivation behind these unconstitutional bills.

The clever animated clip, "Agribusiness on the Assault," shows egg-laying hens crammed into tiny wire battery cages and pregnant pigs confined to gestation crates so small they can't even turn around for almost their entire lives. The video is suddenly stamped "Censored" and a talking head announces: "The preceding video has been deemed hazardous to corporate profits. Agribusiness has determined that the public has no need to see 'bacon burgers' and 'chirpy meals' when they are still living creatures being beaten, tortured or ground up alive." 

Kudos to Zina Saunders for using tongue-in-cheek satire to raise awareness about the desperate attempts of pro-factory farm legislators in some states to shield animal abusers from public scrutiny.

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