CNN Airs Pro-Vegan Diet Special with Bill Clinton

hdr-health.jpgReaching millions of viewers across the United States, CNN's chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta hosted an hour-long special with Bill Clinton called "The Last Heart Attack," promoting healthy vegan eating as a powerful way to prevent and cure heart disease. And now, the whole episode is available online!

While the entire video is great, the pro-vegan message begins at about 22:45 minutes into the video.

With Bill Clinton's new mantra, "eat nothing that has a mother or a face," gaining so much mainstream media attention, there is no doubt that millions of animal lives will be spared as countless people follow the former president's lead and explore healthy vegan living. You can help by sharing this persuasive video with your friends, family and loved ones. While you are at it, share a copy of MFA's informative Vegetarian Starter Kit too. Click here to order a free copy.