CNN Interviews MFA Undercover Investigator about E6 Calf Abuse

On her Headline News Network show, Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell, CNN's Jane Velez-Mitchell held an excellent interview with MFA Executive Director Nathan Runkle, and the undercover investigator who risked his safety to expose the illegal violence, cruelty and neglect of calves at E6 Cattle Company in Texas. Describing the abuse at E6 as so horrific she couldn't even show very much of the investigative footage, Velez-Mitchell encouraged her audience to stay tuned and learn the truth about how animals are treated on factory farms.

Stating that "the American people deserve to know what's really happening," Velez-Mitchell also discussed the growing number of pro-factory farming legislators in some states, backed by agribusiness giants, including Monsanto and DuPont, who are trying to shield animal abusers from public scrutiny by outlawing undercover investigations on farms.

Sadly, cruelty to animals runs rampant on factory farms and the industry knows it. In an effort to minimize costs and maximize profits, farmed animals are treated as disposable commodities rather than sentient beings, who feel pain and rightly deserve protection from abuse.

As MFA continues to expose the unconscionable cruelties of animal agriculture, and to diligently pursue justice by aiding prosecutions of animal abusers, consumers hold the greatest power of all to end the needless suffering of all farmed animals by adopting a healthy and compassionate vegan lifestyle. Visit to learn more.