Connecticut High School Gets a Plant-Based Makeover

VSL.jpgWith childhood obesity on the rise, we are in an uphill battle to protect our kids from a laundry list of preventable diseases. Sadly, a common place for children to pick up unhealthy food habits is at school, the very institution that should be promoting the core principles of healthy living.

That could all change for youth at one high school in Branford, Connecticut, where the cafeteria staff recently teamed up with professional vegetarian chefs from G-Zen Restaurant to serve up the school's first all-vegan lunch.

Students enjoyed vegan versions of classic dishes like lasagna, vegetable stir-fry, and veggie fried rice. "It tastes amazing!" said one of the students who sampled the cruelty-free grub.

Although this was a one-day affair, it was a step in the right direction for public school menu reform. Now, a slew of schools is following in Branford High School's footsteps and has expressed interest in working with Chartwells, the foodservice provider for Branford schools.

G-Zen proprietor Ami Beach Shadles said, "For us, it's a victory. Not only to do a [cooking] demo, but seeing schools offer it right in line with the other choices; at this age level, kids are actually making informed decisions."

Kudos to Branford High School's progressive dining service for promoting a healthy, compassionate vegetarian diet to America's youth. For delicious recipes and tips on transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle, visit

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