Cow's Milk May Pose New Threat: MRSA

88162528-39315c1835e2d5ebb9fb13c1075cc4ea2074ff9f-s6-c30.jpgAccording to a new study from the American Society for Microbiology, milk and beef could be responsible for a deadly MRSA pandemic.

A genome analysis of MRSA, an evolved infectious disease that has developed resistance to antibiotics, showed a connection between the sequence found in humans and the sequence found in cattle.

Study author Ross Fitzgerald had this to say: "Bovine strains ... were closer to the root than the human strains. This led us to conclude that the strains infecting humans originated in cows and that they had evolved from bovine to human host jumps."

This is certainly not the first time a dangerous pathogen has crossed the species barrier. It is believed tuberculosis originated in cattle and jumped to humans thousands of years ago. More recently, swine flu infected millions of people back in 2009 after emerging on a pig farm.

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