Dallas Slaughterhouse Investigated for Dumping Pig Blood into Local River

pigblood.jpgA slaughterhouse in Dallas, Texas, recently made headlines around the world for dumping blood from the pigs it slaughters directly into a river in a residential area. Search warrants executed at the Columbia Packing Company confirmed that the plant had been releasing the pigs' blood into the stream through an underground pipe.

In addition to potentially violating environmental protection laws, reports indicate that this slaughterhouse has also been cited by the United States Department of Agriculture for multiple animal welfare violations. This incident is just another reminder that the meat industry is incapable of self-regulation and that as long as there is profit in raising and killing animals for food there will be people willing to threaten human health, the environment and animal welfare to make a buck.

We can all take a powerful stand against the corruption of the meat, dairy and egg industries by choosing to transition to a healthy and humane vegetarian diet.