Domino's Israel Introduces Vegan Pizza Option

Dominos-pizza-recipe-in-box-with-delivery-guy.jpgDomino's Pizza launched its first-ever vegan pizza in Israel this week. The international pizza franchise debuted a cruelty-free pie that features a soy-based cheese and vegetables.

The decision was prompted by a Facebook campaign called Vegan Friendly, which provides information on restaurants that offer plant-based options. Vegan Friendly director Omri Paz exclaimed, "Israel is leading the vegan revolution all over the world, and this is another indication."

Domino's is actually the largest pizza chain in the world, with restaurants in 70 countries. If its vegan slices do well in Israel, maybe the cruelty-free option will be offered elsewhere, even stateside.

Ditching dairy cheese in favor of a cholesterol-free vegan slice is not only better for our health, but better for the animals. A recent MFA undercover investigation at a dairy farm that supplies cheese to DiGiorno--the largest frozen pizza manufacturer in the U.S.--reveals that cows on modern dairy factory farms suffer extreme abuse and neglect.

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Thankfully, we don't have to wait for Domino's or anyone else to offer vegan pizza before making the kind choice to go dairy free. Just visit the "Switch & Ditch" page on for a slew of delicious, plant-based substitutes for cheese, ice cream, and other foods traditionally made from dairy.