Driving the Message Home: New MFA Pro-Vegetarian Ads Hit Boston

Bostonians are waking up to the cruel truth of factory farming, thanks to MFA's new, pro-vegetarian bus ad campaign. Since early January, 300 interior bus ads and 70 exterior bus ads have been running on Boston's public transit system. One ad features the adorable faces of a piglet and a puppy side-by-side, and the other of a cute kitten and a fluffy, yellow chick. Both ads ask, "Why love one but eat the other?"

The interior ads have pull-off sheets that riders can take with them with information on how to order a copy of MFA's Vegetarian Starter Kit, along with our ChooseVeg.com website and 1.866 Veg.Tips number. This month-long campaign is estimated to amass over 25 million views.

Similar MFA ad campaigns have hit bus lines in Chicago, New York City, Denver, Michigan, and Toronto.

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