Egg on Their Faces: Factory Farm Caught Lying After Cruel Practices Exposed in Undercover Investigation

ht_kreider_farms_mummified_nt_120412_wg.jpgFollowing a recent undercover investigation exposing indefensible cruelty at Kreider Farms' factory egg farms, Kreider has made contradictory claims in its attempts to defend the abuse captured on video and featured in the New York Times.

The investigation revealed severe overcrowding of birds, dead hens whose bodies were mummified or rotting in cages with hens still laying eggs for human consumption, birds whose wings or heads had become caught in cage wire and were therefore unable to access food or water, and a thick layer of dead flies on barn floors, none of which the company refutes.

Unable to defend this cruelty, Kreider has made false and contradictory claims regarding other aspects of the investigation that indicate its unwillingness to be truthful about the conditions on its farms. For example, while Kreider Farms initially denied claims of salmonella at its facilities in an interview with ABC News, it acknowledged to the New York Times that "three barns had tested positive for salmonella" and to Pennsylvania TV news station WGAL that "one of the buildings did test positive for salmonella." ABC later reported that an FDA spokesperson confirmed that two of the eight samples taken at Kreider Farms in January tested positive for salmonella.

Kreider also initially alleged that the investigation did not take place at its facilities, telling Time magazine that "there is no evidence that HSUS footage was taken inside Kreider Farms," and maintaining this position despite video supplied by ABC News showing workers wearing uniforms with Kreider Farms' logo. Yet, according to ABC affiliate WPVI, Kreider claimed that the video was selectively edited in that it "was shot primarily in its older style chicken houses," thereby acknowledging that the film was taken at its facilities.

Before the investigation, Kreider Farms was one of the few egg farms in the country that actively opposed HR 3798, the Egg Products Inspection Act Amendment of 2012, a bill that would require improved conditions for hens; however, following the national outcry over the investigation, Kreider has changed its untenable stance.

Over and over again, agribusiness has revealed the despicable lengths to which it will go to suppress consumer awareness about the horrific mistreatment of animals on farms. We can all take action to help animals by urging Congress to pass HR 3798 and by adopting a cruelty-free, healthy, and delicious vegan diet.