EPA: Cut Meat to Decrease Dietary Dioxins

dioxin.jpgFrom antibiotic-resistant superbugs to staph-infected meat, the dangers of consuming animal products continue to draw attention. Now, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has confirmed that trace amounts of dioxins ― found in meat, dairy, and eggs ― can wreak havoc on the skin, immune system, and other aspects of the body.

Dioxins are chemicals that are released into the environment when substances are burned, and they're known to accumulate in the flesh and milk of farmed animals. The World Health Organization estimates that 90 percent of our dioxin exposure comes from consuming meat and dairy products.

Despite the well-established health risks of dioxins, government agencies say they have no plans of regulating the level of dioxins in food. This inaction doesn't sit well with Arnold Schecter, a professor and environmental scientist who suggests we curb our intake of dioxins by eating less meat and dairy.

Thankfully, we can all make food choices that limit our dioxin exposure while preventing the needless suffering of farmed animals. Please visit ChooseVeg.com to find helpful vegan health tips, along with hundreds of delicious, cruelty-free recipes.