Exposing Factory Farm Cruelty Through the Power of Video

MFA is partnering with student animal rights groups around the country, setting up "Paid-Per-View" booths, and challenging students to watch a 4-minute segment of Farm to Fridge, MFA's hard-hitting documentary about the cruelty inherent in raising and killing animals for food.

PPVBlog1.jpgPaid-Per-View screenings are a great way to reach people with a message of compassion for farmed animals. After watching only a few minutes of Farm to Fridge, many people walk away swearing never to eat animals again.

300402_461001500587337_1075991761_n.jpgInspired to host a Paid-Per-View event at your college campus? With MFA offices in New York, Ohio, Illinois, Texas, and California, it's easier than you might think! Invite our Paid-Per-View campaign to your campus by contacting your nearest Mercy For Animals advocacy center.

Don't live near an MFA office? Check out our helpful step-by-step instructions on how to set up a Paid-Per-View event, receive funding, and obtain copies of Farm to Fridge and MFA's Vegetarian Starter Kits.