Responding to Frequently Asked Questions

Although you will not usually be "grilled" with questions on specifics, there are a few comments and questions that tend to come up more than others. Here are some appropriate responses to the most common reactions leafleters get when distributing our literature:

"But I eat a lot of meat; I really like it."

One response is to express the fact that you were once in a similar position, by saying, "I once liked meat and ate it as well. But when I found out how much cruelty is involved in its production, I preferred to go vegetarian rather than support an industry that makes animals suffer."

Another tactic is reminding people that "half-way" is better than nothing at all. Try suggesting that they cut back by going vegetarian one day a week and move on from there.

"How can I stay healthy without meat?"

This is an area where it is not worth debating too long or too hard; people understandably have very personal feelings about their own health and bodies. You can let them know that authorities such as The American Dietetic Association have stated that a diet free of animal products is healthy for anyone regardless of age or gender.

"What about 'free-range' and 'cage-free' animal products?"

"Humane" meat is a myth. Labels such as "organic," "humane," "cage free" or "free range" still typically come from farms where animals are routinely mutilated, overcrowded and mistreated. Going vegetarian is the only sure-fire way to stop the suffering of animals raised for food.


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