Fishing Hurts More Than Fish

tropicalfish611.jpgMore and more scientists around the world are saying that fish are not only capable of feeling pain but have an awareness of it, are capable of suffering, and are even able to feel pleasure in ways similar to dogs, cats and other animals. Sadly, scientists are also saying that, at the current rate of over-fishing, fish may not be the only ones hurting.

According to a recent article in the Guardian titled "Information is Beautiful: Plenty More Fish In The Sea?," shocking evidence lingering deep within the oceans reveals a growing decline in fish populations caused by decades of unsustainable, industrialized fishing operations. The impact on future generations will be devastating, if the oceans' ecosystems become unbalanced and the overall ecological unity of the oceans collapses.

The dangerous decline in fish populations is just another reminder of how our dietary choices have a profound impact on animals and our environment. Knowing that fish are just as capable of feeling pain as other animals and with so many plant-based protein options available, there is no reason to continue to deplete our oceans of valuable sea life. The best way to show your support for a healthy ecosystem and help put an end to needless animal cruelty is by choosing healthy, plant-based alternatives to meat (including fish), dairy and eggs.

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