Former Pro Basketballer John Salley Praises Vegan Diet in Los Angeles Times

JohnSalley.jpgRetired NBA basketball player John Salley, well-known to sports fans for his championship seasons with the "Bad Boy" Pistons, Michael Jordan's Bulls, and Shaq's and Kobe's Lakers, and for co-hosting the popular sports TV show The Best Damn Sports Show Period, recently hailed the benefits of a vegan diet in a feature in the Los Angeles Times: "5 Questions: Former NBA star John Salley touts the vegan life." The story was also picked up by other outlets, including Black Enterprise, reaching even more people with a vegan message.

"If I had a vegan lifestyle when I was playing, I would still be playing," said Salley, an outspoken vegetarian for over 20 years and vegan since 2007. Salley's vegan epiphany came with a feeling that "eating anything from an animal wasn't good for me."

Salley, who is the new owner of a vegan wine company called The Vegan Vine, describes himself on his website first as a "wellness advocate," and then as an "NBA champion" and "TV host," and has expressed his commitment to healthy vegan eating by speaking about it through many media outlets, at vegfests, and in front of Congress to support legislation that would increase vegetarian options in the public school system.

"There's no reason that Americans should be No. 1 in obesity," Salley said. "It's about taking care of your health--kids over the age of 5 do a lot of things from habit, and you can teach them about eating healthy and how important their food is. [Plant-based meals] keep their weight in the right place. ... Just like you teach them how to salute the flag, you should teach them how to shop for food."

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