From The Today Show to CNN, Vegans Are Everywhere

xx.Leanne-and-J-J.jpgThe past two weeks have seen vegans hitting the mainstream in a big way. From The Today Show to the headlines of CNN to a vegan talk show, meat-free mavens are taking over the airwaves.

Dan and Annie Shannon, authors of the ingenious Betty Goes Vegan, stopped by The Today Show to share their enthusiasm for plant-based cooking. In the segment, the pair showed Kathy Lee and Hoda how to make pesto "chicken" sandwiches vegan style. Their book, which veganizes the legendary Betty Crocker Cookbook, has caused quite a media frenzy, garnering coverage everywhere from LA Weekly to Yahoo! Shine. Check out our interview with Dan and Annie here.

Plant-based dietician Julieanna Hever is the first person to land her own vegan talk show. Premiering last week on the Veria Living network, Hever's show focuses on a wide range of topics, from cooking to yoga. Impressive guests are lined up for the first 39 episodes, including the world-famous Dr. T. Colin Campbell (The China Study) and vegan bodybuilder Derek Tresize.

Vegan fashion designer Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart took New York Fashion Week by storm, landing in the headlines of CNN. A longtime, committed animal protection activist, Hilgart's fashion line, Vaute Couture, excludes all animal products from its designs. Hilgart remarked to CNN: "I realized that if I could create a business where the process in itself was actually creating positive change, that would be my activism."

With so many vegans reaching mainstream audiences, it's no wonder demand for meat is on the decline. For more information on how you can join the cruelty-free crowd, visit for delicious vegetarian recipes.