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Want to start saving animals now? In the next three minutes you can help save the lives of animals.

Just follow these quick easy steps.

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Action Center

Want to start saving animals now? Visit our Action Center for a step-by-step guide on how to speak out for farmed animals in your community. In just five minutes, you’ll be on your way to changing the world.

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Want a life-changing experience that will prepare you for a career in helping animals? Intern and Volunteer Campaign Assistant positions are available at our West Hollywood and Chicago offices. Learn more and fill out the application through the link below.

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Go Meat Free

Want to reject cruelty and live compassionately? Ditching meat – even if only one day a week – is a powerful way to prevent animal suffering. With so many delicious meet-less foods now available, it’s never been easier to help animals.

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Hold a local fundraiser and you can help make our next undercover investigation happen! From charity runs to vegan bake sales to whatever your creative mind comes up with, we’ll help you put the fun in fundraising. Begin fundrasing and start making it rain!

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Fellowship Program

Do you attend an Ivy League university? Mercy For Animals offers paid Fellowship opportunities to do pro-veg advocacy on your campus. If you are passionate about creating a more compassionate society and educating your peers through campaigns and outreach events, click below to learn more and apply!

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    Spare dozens of animals a year—and feel great—by ditching meat. Sign the pledge to get a free Vegetarian Starter Guide!
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