Gross! Explosive Fecal Foam Threatens Farmers and Pigs

the_blob.jpgFactory farming just got a whole lot creepier and more terrifying. On many pig farms, a mysterious, foam-like substance has been appearing on top of manure pits. This gray, bubbling froth has raised fears among farmers because it can cause deadly explosions.

As manure breaks down, it releases noxious gases like methane and hydrogen sulfide. These gases trapped under foam can lead to sudden and catastrophic eruptions. According to a 2012 report, as of September 2011, half a dozen farms had experienced explosions, including one that killed 1,500 pigs and burned a farm worker.

Scientists and farmers are baffled as to what's creating the foam, which has now emerged at roughly 25 percent of pig factory farms across the country. Larry Jacobson, a university professor who has been studying the issue, has offered one dubious solution; he recommends using an antibiotic called monesin to treat the fecal froth. It's thought that the antibiotic works by altering the microbes present and thereby dissolving the foam.

On a personal note, I had to gag while writing this blog post. I'm sorry, but when you literally have the blob growing out of your poop pit, perhaps it's time to take a step back and reevaluate your operation.

Additionally, the overuse of antibiotics on factory farms has already alarmed doctors and scientists the world over. Dousing combustible fecal foam with pounds and pounds of antibiotics seems like just more recklessness.

Pigs suffer daily in slaughterhouses and on factory farms in horrible gestation crates. Now frothy frights threaten to blow up farmers and animals. Luckily, we can all do something about this by choosing to leave pigs and all other animals off of our plates.

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