Gross! KFC Customer Disgusted by Brain-Like Chicken Organ in His Meal

543825_10151254115529475_341710557_n.jpgA British student eating at KFC was horrified to discover what he believed to be a chicken brain in his "Gladiator Box Meal," causing him to swear off ever eating at the fast-food chain again.

According to the British newspaper the Sun, Ibrahim Langoo spotted the organ and picked through it in time not to eat it, and said of the experience, "I was grossed out by the fact that I could so easily have eaten it without realizing. I just wanted to get out of KFC as quickly as I could. I still feel really sick and disgusted by it all now." A KFC spokesman claimed that the company's experts believed the organ was a kidney.

Stomach-churning stories about "pink slime," "meat glue," and KFC's mystery organ all reveal the less appetizing realities of industrial meat production. The KFC case also illustrates the disconnect in people's minds between what they consider food--patties, nuggets, or burgers--and animals' body parts. Comparable outrage ensued when a customer found a chicken head in her McDonald's meal.

Consumers are also appalled to learn of the horrific mistreatment that animals endure on factory farms, where they are confined in spaces so tightly they can barely move, are mutilated without painkillers, denied veterinary care, and ultimately slaughtered--often while still fully conscious.

As people become more and more aware of the horrors of the meat industry, meat consumption is declining; in fact, plant-based eating is a top trend of 2013.

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