Ground Beef Processor Files for Bankruptcy After Slimy Practices Revealed

Pink-Slime-Debate.JPEG-03232.jpgAfter sales for "lean beef" rapidly declined due to extensive media exposure of "pink slime" and the resulting consumer backlash, AFA Foods, a ground beef processor, filed for bankruptcy.

AFA Foods' interim CEO Ron Allen said in court papers, "Ongoing media attention has called into question the wholesomeness" of the beef, and has "dramatically reduced the demand for all ground beef products."

The slime is produced when beef scraps and cow connective tissue are treated with ammonium hydroxide to kill pathogens.

While the presence of pink slime in meat is disconcerting to many consumers, this is just the most recent item added to the beef industry's growing laundry list of rotten offenses. Cows raised for beef are routinely dehorned and inflicted with third-degree burns (hot-iron branding), without any painkillers. Additionally, cows in feedlots are crowded by the thousands, creating the perfect breeding ground for disease―including antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

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