Hero Pig Saves Family From Burning Trailer

This week, Chicago's 14 News reported that "Lucky," a family pig, had saved a woman and her two grandchildren from a fire in their home near Chicago. Lucky's guardian, Ida, told 14 News that Lucky knew something was wrong.

According to the news story, Ida claims that Lucky "started screaming. ... He would jump down, run to the door and then jump back up on the bed and hit me really hard. ... When I sat up, I realized the room was really smoky." Because of Lucky the pig, the family was able to make it out of their home safely.

This incredible account highlights the intelligence and emotional lives of pigs, who are as worthy of protection as the dogs and cats so many of us know and love.

This heartwarming story is yet more inspiration to explore a vegetarian diet and help spare countless pigs from the blatant cruelty they experience on today's factory farms.

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