HLN Tackles Bills Aimed at Banning Undercover Cruelty Investigations

Controversy continues to broil over state legislation attempting to ban the filming of factory farms. Following the Des Moines Register's editorial decrying an Iowa bill on constitutional grounds, dedicated animal advocate and television news journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell has spoken out against these shameful efforts to criminalize undercover investigations.

On her Headline News Network (HLN) show, Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell, Jane recently focused on the harsh realities of factory farming and the crucial role of undercover investigations in bringing animal suffering to light. Using Mercy For Animals' investigative footage of pregnant pigs crammed into gestation crates and dairy farm workers stabbing cows with pitchforks, Jane condemned the kind of cruelty that agribusiness desperately hopes to conceal in the courtroom.

Jane was joined by Paul Shapiro of The Humane Society of the United States. Discussing the motivation behind pro-factory farm legislation in Iowa and Florida, Mr. Shapiro explained: "These are outrageous bills that are intended to keep the American public in the dark when it comes to the routine cruelty that animals face on factory farms." He added: "We need to let our legislators know that we want to see reform of these animal factories, not pushing them further and further into secrecy."

If you haven't already, please take action by filling out this form and voicing your concerns to Iowa's lawmakers. Politely urge them to vote against this misguided legislation that would silence whistleblowers, while helping the meat, egg, and dairy industries to abuse farmed animals away from the public's view.