Huffington Post's Expose on MFA's Investigation at a Dog Factory Farm

cutepuppy.jpgJosh Tetrick at Huffington Post recently shocked his readers by describing in detail the cruelty uncovered during a recent MFA investigation at a dog factory farm.

According to the article, the investigation "documented horrific abuses such as workers ripping out puppies' testicles without a single drop of painkillers" and "cutting off the tails of puppies with clippers." The author describes a gruesome process called thumping, "where workers picked up puppies by their back legs and slammed them to the ground bashing their heads in order to "euthanize" the ones who weren't growing fast enough. Some of the most disturbing footage is of animals suffering as a result of standard, routine breeding practices."

As detailed and accurate as his article is, Tetrick did make one tiny mistake: instead of mother dogs and their puppies, he meant to describe the routine cruelties inflicted on pigs and their piglets as documented at Iowa Select Farms and other factory farms across the country. Of course, it wasn't really a mistake. In a clever tongue-in-cheek way, Tetrick was making the point that factory farmers routinely get away with treating millions of pigs and other farmed animals in ways that would warrant felony-level cruelty charges in most states if even one dog or cat were the victim instead.

As if taking a cue from MFA's popular "Why Love One But Eat the Other?" ad campaigns and thought-provoking brochures, Tetrick has likely inspired countless thousands to consider why they see some animals as cherished companions worthy of love and protection, while others are confined, mutilated and killed with barely any legal protection from even the most egregious abuses.

As a civilized society it is our moral obligation to protect all animals, including farmed animals, from needless violence and cruelty. And the easiest way to help animals is simply not to eat them. Please visit to learn more.