Humanewashed: USDA Rubberstamps Cruel Factory Farm Products as "Humane"

BatteryCagedHensSparboe.jpgLast week, the USDA's Process Verified Program came under fire by the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) for misleading the public by improperly labeling meat as "humanely raised." An AWI investigative report states that this meat comes from animals on factory farms who suffer the same standard meat industry practices as other farmed animals. Such practices include, but aren't limited to, the use of battery cages and gestation crates, and searing off the beaks of baby birds, dehorning, and castration, all without painkillers.

The report focuses on claims made by Perdue Farms and Sparboe Farms, poultry companies that maximize productivity by subjecting birds to intensive indoor confinement, sacrificing the birds' ability to express natural behaviors. Americans were shocked last fall when an investigation of Sparboe uncovered the company's deplorable animal welfare practices. Certain large retailers stopped purchasing Sparboe eggs following the investigation, and the FDA cited the company for thirteen serious violations of food safety laws. AWI has learned that these violations were discovered during FDA audits of Sparboe facilities that were conducted within days of USDA audits that recorded no problems.

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