Just Mayo Moves Beyond Eggs Into the Whole Foods Deli Counter

Just Mayo, a plant-based mayonnaise recently launched by Hampton Creek Foods, was just called up to the big leagues. The new product, with a taste indistinguishable from regular mayonnaise, is now being showcased in prepared foods at northern California Whole Foods deli counters. This means that any omnivore ordering a sandwich with mayonnaise will be getting Just Mayo in place of egg-based, cholesterol-laden standard mayonnaise.

There are so many reasons to ditch eggs. MFA's undercover investigations reveal horrific cruelty to the hens, and waste runoff from egg farms has generated massive pollution. Eggs also bring the risk of food-borne illnesses, such as salmonella, and research shows that eggs are nearly as dangerous to heart health as cigarettes.

You can help Just Mayo expand to more stores around the country by calling your local Whole Foods Market, asking to be transferred to the prepared foods section, and kindly requesting that they replace their mayo with Hampton Creek's Just Mayo as the northern California stores have.

For tips on eggless eating, visit ChooseVeg.com or order your free "Vegetarian Starter Guide."