LA Smog Linked to Dairy Farms

la-smog.jpgA recent article in the Washington Post revealed another major source of smog in Los Angeles, one of the country's most highly air-polluted cities. The article states that the 10 million automobiles in the region produce far less smog than the area's 300,000 dairy cows.

Ammonia emissions caused by dairy operations combine with nitrogen oxides to form the small particles in smog, leading to levels 100 times more intense than background levels caused by daily road commuters. Earlier studies have consistently shown that animal agriculture is a major contributor to ecological degradation on many fronts.

Los Angeles has made significant strides in environmental protection over the past few decades, but air pollution still contributes to thousands of hospitalizations each year. This latest finding illustrates the urgent need to withdraw our support of the dairy industry, which harms the environment, human health, and farmed animals.

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