L.A. Unified Cafeterias Go Meatless on Mondays

tdg-healthful-lunch-lg.jpgL.A. Unified, the nation's second-largest public school district, has decided to stop selling meat in its cafeterias on Mondays. This comes just months after the Los Angeles City Council passed a Meatless Monday resolution and represents a significant shift in attitudes toward meat.

Rising cost, environmental degradation, and concerns over animal welfare are all fueling a growing, national conversation about the ethics of meat production. Introducing school children to vegetarian fare is a great way for them to learn about healthy and inexpensive plant-based meal options.

From college campus cafeterias to restaurant chains, veg options are becoming more widely available. To search for restaurants in your area that offer vegan items, visit VegGuide.org. For recipes and tips on going vegan, check out ChooseVeg.com.