Lab-Grown Meat Not Just Science Fiction

petri.jpgMFA volunteer, Giannina, gives us the skinny on the future of lab-grown meat.

A new piece in the New York Times claims in-vitro meat is closer to becoming a reality than ever before. A future in which consumers could buy lab-grown meat in supermarkets may finally be on the horizon.

According to Neil Stephens, a social scientist at Cardiff University in Wales, there's still "a huge number of things they need to learn." The technology at this point uses animal products such as tissue from the neck of slaughtered cows and fetal calf serum. It also currently costs $325,000 to create one hamburger, which is obviously cost prohibitive.

But scientists are hoping that soon no animal products will be required, resulting in a product that's extremely efficient and environmentally sound. In addition, no farmed animals would have to suffer in order for people to eat meat.

While consumers wait for lab-grown meat to hit the market, the good news is that ethically minded shoppers don't need to wait to start enjoying the wide variety of vegan meat alternatives already on the market. For tips on transitioning to a delicious, veg diet, visit