Man Suffers Heart Attack While Dining at Meat-Heavy Heart Attack Grill Restaurant

abc_ntl_grill_110309_wg.jpgLast week week, the appropriately named Heart Attack Grill, a restaurant that proudly flaunts the unhealthiness of its meat-based menu, made national headlines when a man had a heart attack while there dining on a "Triple Bypass Burger." The Las Vegas restaurant emphasizes and makes light of the unhealthiness of its food by offering free meals to people who weigh over 350 pounds and referring to customers as "patients," waitresses as "nurses," and food orders as "prescriptions."

While the Heart Attack Grill is egregious in its 8,000-calorie meals, the meat-laden Standard American Diet contributes to nearly one out of every two Americans dying from heart disease. More and more evidence incriminates meat as a leading cause, and nutritionists agree that a vegan diet reduces your risk. In fact, the film Forks Over Knives even shows that a vegan diet can reverse heart disease, cancer, and diabetes - the country's biggest killers.

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